Muay Thai


We understand that joining a new gym can often be intimidating. Our goal is to offer the best fitness experience possible. Our supportive instructors work with each student to build their physical and technical abilities. If you’re willing to work hard and encourage others to do the same, you’ll be a welcome addition to the team.

Our Muay Thai class is all about the straight forward basics. This class teaches you proper striking techniques in simple combinations to get you started on the right foot. Follow our step by step instructions and learn from other students within your level of skill.

Guaranteed to make you sweat and push you to the next level, this class will get you fit while learning great techniques in a fun and friendly environment. Classes start with a warm up, followed up by the technique, drilling and conditioning. Sparring is optional and restricted for our advanced students who wish to participate.

Levels Offered:
Adult Muay Thai, Intermediate Muay Thai
Advantage Jiu Jitsu
Athletic Training