Torn Grabi

Torn Grabi

| Black Belt

Born many moons ago in Germany my family made the decision to move to Canada. My father was seeking the wilderness of the west to spend his retirement in. Growing up in Vancouver, I was mostly a punching dummy for my 4 older brothers, which probably has helped me in my Jiu-jitsu years later on in life. Progressing thru my average teenage years and young adulthood I quickly found the hottest girl that would put up with me, and quickly formulated a plan to marry her. By this point my father had fallen ill will Alzheimer’s and life’s priorities changed for the family. A few years of struggle as a family, but we kept walking forward and afterall, learned what’s really important in life. Learning, Adventure, Challenges, Love, Laughing; this is what life is really about. Falling into Jiu-jitsu was another one of my adventures I knew so little about when I first started. Now after more than a decade being submitted by so many I’ve grown to love the challenge of doing hard things. And so the story continues…

Fun facts about me

  • Father of Two
  • Husband to One
  • Training Partner to Many
  • Manger to too many
  • Dog walker to not enough

My Mission

Always Learning; Always Living

Torn Grabi

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