Ryan Kitchen

Ryan Kitchen

Owner | Kid’s Coach
| Black Belt

Ryan found jiu jitsu in 2007 after his mother was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. Jiu Jitsu became a positive escape from the stresses of his everyday life and something meaningful to work towards. Training partners provided support and became friends helping him through a difficult time. Ryan enjoys testing himself often in competition and will be competing this upcoming year at the IBJJF World Masters.

Ryan also is the main kids instructor as well as the leg lock class instructor. He enjoys teaching adults but thrives teaching and coaching kids. He is always heartbroken if he has to miss a kids competition but overjoyed with the looks on parents faces when their child makes great progress both in class and competition 

When off the mats Ryan is usually playing urban rec, cooking or trying new restaurants around then doing his best to make the same meals at home. He might be found walking around with his bulldog Lucy on the dyke or driving around with her on his passenger seat.

Fun facts about me

  • Provincial curling champ/ probably only black belt in bjj and a curling champion in the world
  • Founder of true conditioning
  • Fluent in French
  • Traveled to all continents except Antarctica
  • Born and raised in Steveston

My Mission

To make Jiu Jitsu more accessible to people of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds so they can discover their potential on and off the mat.

Ryan Kitchen

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