Paulo Brinholi

Paulo Brinholi

| Black Belt

I was born and raised in Brazil and since young exposed to different sports activities by my father that always showed me the importance of taking care of our health and life through sports.

Despite always curious about Jiu Jitsu, in fact had lived a block away from the Alliance HQ in Sao Paulo, I stepped on the mats to learn the gentle art for the first time here in Canada.

Throughout the years, Jiu Jitsu gave me the chance to challenge myself and, at the same time, to learn and share knowledge with old and new training partners.

My goal is to practice and learning Jiu Jitsu as much as I can for as long as possible.

Fun facts about me

  • I play drums (a bit rusty these days though…)
  • I love roller coasters but can’t stand any spinning type ride like a carousel!
  • I am happy with my professional decision, but would love to be a doctor (orthopedist).
  • I started practicing jiu-jitsu after being interrupted during a lunch with my wife! (feel free to ask me for more details!).
  • I haven’t give up, and still trying to convince my wife to try jiu-jitsu…

My Mission

"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth" - Challenge yourself often and never doubt your ability to achieve something different.

Paulo Brinholi

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