Sarah Sakurai

Sarah Sakurai

| Brown Belt

I have a strong passion in health and fitness. I am a Brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and have been practicing for 6 years. If I’m not training on the mats you will most likely find me in a gym strength training. My goal is to always strive to become the strongest version of myself , physically, mentally and spiritually. Becoming an instructor I hope to encourage and invite more woman to try Jiujitsu and perhaps fall in love with it as I did 💛

Fun facts about me

  • My favourite shows are The Office, Game of the thrones and South Park.
  • I love muffins with no raisins
  • I am a coffee addict… and was once cut off at a Starbucks
  • I have never met an adult with smaller hands than me
  • I have been a Hairstylist for 20 yrs but I still can’t figure out how to do my hair properly for jiujitsu

My Mission

Finding self love, confidence and empowerment by learning to embrace the embodiment of a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally and spiritually.

Sarah Sakurai

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